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 Welcome to our "Early Bird Special" Explanation Page. 


       Below shows the Months for the various"Early Bird Special" time lines.


Our Five Day Buckaroo & Horse Lovers

Regular Camp Pricing for 2014

Regular Buckaroo 5 Day Camp Tuition..  $425.00    Deposit… $161.50    Balance… $263.50

     Reg. Tuition with Wed. Overnight..  $490.00    Deposit… $161.50    Balance… $263.50

Horse Lovers 5 Day Overnight Tuition..  $750.00    Deposit… $285.50    Balance… $465.00



   The Early Bird Special Savings Are For Each Of The Following Months:

Throughout December, 2014                  Dep.        Bal.


   Buckaroo 5 Day Camps Booked before January 01, 2014.

                                                $318.75   $121.13   $197.63


                        Buckaroo 5 Day Camp with Wed. Overnight.

                                                $367.50   $139.65   $227.85


                        Horse Lovers 5 Day Camp.                                                                                                                                            $562.50   $213.75   $348.75

                                This equates to 25% SAVINGS.  

Throughout January, 2014                    Dep.        Bal.


   Buckaroo 5 Day Camps Booked before February 01, 2014.

                                                $340.00   $129.20   $210.80


                        Buckaroo 5 Day Camp with Wed. Overnight.

                                                $392.00   $148.96   $243.04


                        Horse Lovers 5 Day Camp.                                                                                                                                            $600.00   $228.00   $372.00

                                This equates to 20% SAVINGS.  

Throughout February, 2014                    Dep.        Bal.


   Buckaroo 5 Day Camps Booked before March 01, 2014.

                                                $361.25   $137.28   $223.98


                        Buckaroo 5 Day Camp with Wed. Overnight.

                                                $416.50   $158.27   $258.23


                        Horse Lovers 5 Day Camp.                                                                                                                                            $637.50   $242.25   $395.25

                                This equates to 15% SAVINGS.   

Throughout March, 2014                       Dep.        Bal.


   Buckaroo 5 Day Camps Booked before April 01, 2014.

                                                $382.50   $145.35   $237.15


                        Buckaroo 5 Day Camp with Wed. Overnight.

                                                $441.00   $167.58   $273.42


                        Horse Lovers 5 Day Camp.                                                                                                                                            $675.00   $256.50   $418.50

                                This equates to 10% SAVINGS.    

Throughout April, 2014                       Dep.        Bal.


   Buckaroo 5 Day Camps Booked before May 01, 2014.

                                                $403.75   $153.43   $250.33


                        Buckaroo 5 Day Camp with Wed. Overnight.

                                                $465.50   $176.89   $288.61


                        Horse Lovers 5 Day Camp.                                                                                                                                            $712.50   $270.75   $441.75

                                This equates to 5% SAVINGS.    




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Below are some "Early Bird Special" F.A.Q.'s…

Why do we run an “Early Bird Special” for our upcoming horse camps?

We run them for what we think are several good reasons.

1.       Parents receive LARGE discounts, thereby allowing them to maximize their Savings.

2.       Because we operate on a first come – first served basis, this generally gives Campers a slightly better chance at not missing out on the Camp of their choice.

3.       Some Parents, Grandparents and other relatives and friends, like to give a registered booking as a Holiday Gift.

4.       It helps us to maximize our planning for various additions and changes in the upcoming Camp Season.

5.       Posting our Camp dates and Discount Deadlines up early, often helps to give parents more time to plan their upcoming summer events and vacations.


What are the dates that the Early Bird Special runs?

Generally, each year we begin running the Special at the beginning of either November or December and the Specials continue to run until the end of April.


When does Blue Point Stables change the Early Bird Special discounts?

We start out with offering our largest discount very early the year before the next Camp Season. Then, each new month thereafter, the percent becomes slightly reduced. However, each new month continues to offer large Savings until the Early Bird Special ends!


Can the Early Bird Specials only be purchased on line?

No. We cater to a variety of needs. You are certainly welcomed to lock in your Camper’s Special though our online registration. OR, you can drop by and personally secure the Special here at Blue Point Stables.  OR, feel free to download our Camper Registration Forms and mail in your payment.


Are all Early Bird Registrations Locked in?

Yes, for the most part. As Campers are registered online, the numbers of available spaces become reduced. If you were not able to see your Camp of Choice available during your online registration, chances are that Camp is already fully booked. The only way that we won’t be able to guarantee your choice of dates would be if we were to receive your registration by mail after a particular camp has become full. If that were to be the case, we would contact you to see if you’d like to secure a different Camp’s booking.


Can more than one Camp be Booked with a Early Bird registration?

Yes! We have a number of campers that take advantage of more than one Camp throughout the Season.


Can a Camper receive additional discounts for Multiple Bookings?

Yes, however not in conjunction with the Early Bird Discount. Because of the LARGE savings on the Early Bird Discounts, we’re unable to offer additional discounts for multiple Early Bird registrations.  However, if you’ve missed out on an Early Bird Discount, you can still receive other Discounts offered by Multiple Camp registrations, Multiple Campers registering and by being a valued, current and active BPS Client. BPS active Client discounts generally aren’t available until sometime in May of each year.


Are there any rewards for getting a friend or several friends to sign up with an Early Bird or Regular registration?

Yes! Conditions Apply.

1.       You must first have already become registered for a Camp.

2.       You can receive a refund equal to one FREE day of Camp for each friend/s Paid-In-Full registration up to a maximum of five friends. A maximum of five paid-in-full friends can get you a FREE WEEK of Camp.

3.       VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST first call and notify us BEFORE and IN ADVANCE of your friend’s registration in order for this reward to qualify. We require a name, address and phone number of your friend so that we can monitor their registration. If your friend registers before your call to us, then unfortunately, the reward will not apply.

4.       Your friend/s must have never been a previous Client of Blue Point Stables.

5.       For this rewards purposes, other family members do not count as friends.

6.       Your apportioned refund for each paid-in-full friend will be returned on your first day of Camp.


If I have more questions what should I do?

Please contact us! One of our primary goals is to serve you well. If we’re unable to immediately answer the phone, please don’t think anything of it. Often we’re out in the Arena giving a lesson or in one of our many fields or stalls horsing around. Please leave us a voice mail including your name and phone number and we’ll get back to you just as soon as possible. Also, please feel free to drop us a email anytime at bluepointstables@gmail.com and we’ll reply as soon as possible.




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