Lesson Rates


Blue Point Stables Horse Riding Lesson Rates

All horse riding lessons at Blue Point Stables are scheduled as small "group" lessons unless a "Private Lesson"is preferred and requested. Group Lessons may have from one to multiple riders at a time, participating in one Session.

(- Please note that Separate Fees apply for Private Lessons. )   


BPS'  Current Riding Lesson Rates

Individual Rates(1 Rider, 1 Hour)          



  1 Individual Riding Lesson



  5 Individual Lessons Package



10 Individual Lessons Package



Add up to 3 (Immdeiate Family Members, living  under the same roof) onto ANY session.



$20 ea.




Family Rates(2 Riders, 1 Hour)                 



  1 Family Riding Lesson



  5 Family Lessons Package



10 Family Lessons Package



Add up to 3 (Immediate Family Members, living under the same roof) Riders ANY session.



$20 ea.




Semi Private Rates(2 Riders, 1 Hour)                 



  1 Individual Semi-Pvt Lesson



  5 Individual Semi-Pvt Lessons



10 Individual Semi-Pvt Lessons



1 Individual PRIVATE Lesson  



Last Updated 7/10/2015 





 Special Private Rate Increase Coming Note:

 The above Semi-Pvt Lessons will only be scheduled if there should be two riders wanting the same day and time.   

In order to enhance your selection of available days and times, Lessons should be scheduled in advance and can be scheduled over the phone. All scheduled lessons begin and end at the top of the hour. Lessons may be scheduled and taken from… 

9:00 AM - through to starting the last lesson at 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday

9:00 AM through to starting the last lesson at 4:00 PM on Saturdays

9:00 AM - through to starting the last  lesson at 3:00 PM on Sundays.

Regular client lessons are generally not offered on Fridays.

Blue Point Stables is proud to be serving Lenoir City, Knoxville, Farragut, Oak Ridge, Loudon, Kingston and many other surrounding areas by offering multiple packages to choose from.  


“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”   Author – John Lydgate (c. 1370 – c. 1451)

Blue Point Stables strives and endeavors to provide a pleasing and enjoyable experience for everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone can be pleased all of the time. Blue Point Stables reserves the right, in our whole discretion, to refuse new or continued service to anyone, for any reason. Blue Point Stables exists only by our clients patronages. It is only after all efforts to please the client have failed, that Blue Point Stables would sever any associations. However, it has happened from time to time. Before Blue Point Stables will discontinue services to a client, we will make every effort we can to try to assist and provide the client with their equine needs. 





B.P.S. Riding Lesson Rates:

B.P.S. currently offers the following Horse Riding Lesson Packages.

·One (1) Individual Riding Lesson – $45.00

·Five (5) Individual Riding Lesson Package – $175.00

·Ten (10) Individual Riding Lesson Package – $325.00

· One (1) Family Riding Lesson (2 individuals only) - $60.00

·Five (5) Family Riding Lesson Package (2 individuals only) - $275.00

·Ten (10) Family Riding Lesson Package (2 individuals only) - $500.00

·One (1) Individual Semi-PRIVATE Riding Lesson – $75.00

·Five (5) Individual Semi-PRIVATE Riding Lesson Package – $356.25

·Ten (10) Individual Semi-PRIVATE Riding Lesson Package – $675.00

·One (1) Individual PRIVATE Riding Lesson – $105.00


Scheduling of Riding Lessons:

B.P.S. Riding Lesson Clients are not required to schedule lessons in advance. HOWEVER, if a particular day and time slot is pre-committed, B.P.S. cannot guarantee that the Riding Lesson Client will be able to schedule their preferred day and time, when scheduling is done at the last minute. All B.P.S. Riding Lesson Clients are strongly encouraged to schedule their next Lesson, at least, a week in advance and with enough time prior to the expiration of the package, in order to insure that they receive their preferred lesson date and time. (Promotional offerings such as “Groupons” may be subject to additional scheduling requirements.)


Lesson Cancellations and Late Arrivals:

Riding Lesson Clients acknowledge that any “last minute” cancellation, constitutes a forfeit of that lesson. B.P.S. requires a minimum of 24 hours notice for ALL cancellations. Rare and dire extenuating circumstances may be considered by B.P.S. Arriving 5 minutes or more past the scheduled lesson may and most probably will result in a forfeiture of the lesson and a charge off of the lesson as if it had been used. The Instructor will not be able to hold up the others that were scheduled for that time period and must move on. The tardy client will loose the lesson and a refund will not be issued.


Lesson Package Expiration:

All lesson packages expire 6 months after purchase. (This excludes any special promotions that may have different expiration time lines.) Riding Lesson Clients acknowledge that all Lesson Packages purchased are bought to be used within the time frame of a maximum of six (6) months from date of purchase. Otherwise, Client acknowledges that they forfeit any remaining lesson/s on the package that may have not yet been used.  No refunds are offered, nor will be honored or given, for any unused lesson/s remaining on an expired B.P.S. Lesson/s package.


Lesson Package Transfers:

Lesson packages are sold to the original purchaser and are non transferable once a package has been started. B.P.S. Clients are always encouraged to continue buying packages for gifts to their loved ones and friends.


Lesson Riding Release:

ALL Clients of B.P.S. must sign a release for themselves and/or their children and wards, PRIOR to the start of the first lesson. Our regulations mandate that we keep these on file. The release must be signed prior to riding, whether it’s our horse or the Client’s horse.


"Add-On" Program:

An immediate family member ("immediate" being defined as Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Grandparent or Grandchildren) living under the SAME roof; may schedule a lesson in conjunction with the other family member's regular priced lesson for only $20.00. Should they fail to show for the lesson or are more than 5 minutes late for the lesson, still owe the $20.00 even if their lesson  was forfeited. The "Add-On" payment may be made on the day of the lesson.