Boarding Layovers

 Boarding Layover Points of Interest at Blue Point Stables…

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At BPS we are here to please. It is our goal to meet your equine needs with care, courtesy and efficiency. We offer a wide variety of services at BPS including boarding, lessons, horse camps, overnight boarding, breeding, training, birthday parties, group event parties & sales. Please click on the drop-down menus in our Services section to see more.

Horse Boarding Layovers

  –   Overnight/(Day) Layover Board – $25/1st 18 Hours Per Horse

  • Includes normal care in one of our 12'x12' box stalls.
  • Includes fresh bedding in the stall.
  • All stalls are rubber matted under the bedding.
  • Includes water bucket, freshly filled.
  • Feeding service is included with Owner's supplied feed and hay.

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  –   Overnight/(Day) Layover Board – $35/ over 18 and up to 24 Hours Per Horse

  –   Over 24 Hours begins a new day's charges