Birthday Parties

 Birthday Party Packages at Blue Point Stables!

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(The B.P.S. Mgt. Team)

The BPS Classic Birthday Package…


Birthday Parties With

Horse / Pony Riding mini-lessons!


The BPS Classic Birthday Package

2-1/4 hours of Birthday FUN!  [up to 10 Children]:   $250.00 


              1st quarter hour (+/-):BPS Introductions and Welcomes

                     WE  PROVIDE:

·          Parking Area (somewhat limited, other options can be considered)

·         Designated private close-in parking for up to 1 vehicle

    (to aid in unloading of your supplies for your Party)

·         Use of the BPS Office Area for your supplies

    (plus a table and refrigerator w/top freezer,  inside of the Office)

·         A Warm and Friendly Greeting from a BPS Event Facilitator

·         A “Welcome Introduction” from our Event Facilitator

    (Includes facility & grounds acclamation and safety awareness)

·        Signing of release forms

              (Includes distribution of the Children’s Party Arm Bands! )

·         A short barn tour


                     You Supply:

·         The Honored Birthday Child

·         Your Party Group of Excited Children

·         Lots of Excited Parents, Relatives and Friends

        (No limit on the numbers of Parents, Relatives and Friends! )

·         Cameras for capturing lifelong memorable moments


              The Next Hour:  Your Personal Party Time with Your Group

                     WE  PROVIDE:

·         Personal time for you to host your Party…

       (Celebration time… )

·         An Outside Picnic Table under a 10’ x 20’ Canopy…

                                                        For the Honored Birthday Guest!

·         3 additional Outside Picnic Tables for use throughout your Party

·         1 Additional Outside Table for your Party Supply Uses

·         Additional Chairs for your Visitors

              (1 additional chair per child participant)

·         SPECIAL GIFT CUPS –  for the children, to use and take home

              (1 each, per participating child)

·         Two Outside lined, large trash / garbage cans

       (BPS takes care of and disposes of your discarded party remains)

·         Continued use of our Office area throughout your Party


                     You Supply: (at your discretion)  

·         Various Party Decorations…

        (Balloons, Banners, Party Favors … Whatever you supply)

·         Party Table Coverings

·         Music (Whatever you’d like to bring, CD player etc.)

·         Party Eats and Treats 

        (Meals, Drinks, Cake, Treats … Whatever you supply)


              The Last Hour:  Continuous Mini-Lesson Ride Time

                     WE  PROVIDE:

·         2 Horses for 1 hour of “Handler Lead” horse riding mini-lessons.

·         1 “Petting & Grooming” Pony, “Handler Supervised”.

·         2 Horse Treats, per participating child, to give to their favorite horse.


                     You Supply:

·         A smile of relief, because all of your hard planning just paid off!  J  


Need to add on a few more children? No problem!  Please contact us for your best options.



     ALSO, Please don’t forget to CLICK on a line Below to…

              Consider adding one of our Fun-Packed Sack Race games to your party.

              Consider adding one or more of our canopies to aid in shelter for the adults.