Bounce House

BPS Event add-on during your Party…

14’ x 14’ x 16’ LARGE Bounce House – $75.00  (Children LOVE it!)

       Add this to your Party for the duration that you want it to run.

One of your Volunteer Adults required to supervise the fun!







Your advantages with using our Bounce House…

ü  Kids LOVE ‘em! Our Bounce House is BIG, colorful and festive! Children normally burn out oodles of energy while playing in a Bounce House. We’ve been told, that can sometimes, be a good thing for parents.

ü  Your SAVINGS is LARGE!!!    VERY LARGE!!!    We’d be completely surprised if anyone should beat our price. Your cost, for this unit, is HALF or MORE off of many rental facility prices. Local party rentals will charge $150.00 and up for smaller sizes.

ü  Our Bounce House is already ON SITE! Often, rental facilities will have the unit rented out elsewhere and not have it scheduled back for a time that’s convenient for you.  Additionally, there have been times when previous renters didn’t return the unit on time.

ü  You don’t have to spend your time and money (not to mention wear and tear on your pickup truck or trailer) just to pick up the unit.

ü  You don’t have to find help to unload it. I might mention that this unit weighs approximately 185 pounds.

ü  You don’t have to purchase or rent a heavy duty extension cord to supply the power.

ü  You don’t have to worry about properly setting it up. We set it up for you! If you were to rent one from a Commercial Party Rental facility, you have to unroll it and set it up. And, you have to properly secure it to the ground.

ü  You don’t have to be concerned about proper take-down, rollups, getting help for reloading and returning the unit. After your event, you simply drive away and leave the worries to us.

ü  Finally, you don’t have to take all of that time out of your next day and spend all of that fuel just to return the unit to the Rental facility on time, thereby avoiding an additional day’s rental charge.




Conditions apply: You must secure an Adult Volunteer to supervise the fun.

Not to worry though because, we’ll have the Volunteer trained and ready to go in about 5 minutes. :P