Canopy – Tents

BPS Event add-on during your Party…

10’ x 10’  Canopy Tent Usage Fee – $15.00 each

       Book TWO or more 10’ x 10’ Canopy Tents Today :P

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 Your advantages with using our Canopy Tents…

ü  We are LESS expensive than most rental facilities!

ü  Canopy Tents provide a warm and friendly atmosphere.

ü  Canopy Tents provide additional Shade and Protection from the elements.

o   Your elderly participants will enjoy the added comfort.

o   Your younger participants will do likewise.

ü  You’re spared the expense of buying one.

o   And then worry if the wind might destroy your purchase.

o   You won’t then increase additional wear and tear on the Canopy that you own.

ü  You don’t have to rent one elsewhere.

o   They’re already stored here, waiting on you.

o   You don’t have to worry about reserving one from a rental facility.

o   You don’t have to pick them up.

o   You don’t have to load them up and drive them here and then back home again.

ü  You don’t have to set them up. We do all of the work.

o   We set them up.

o   We stake them down when necessary.

o   You and your party participants simply enjoy them.

o   We take them down after your event.

o   We wrestle them back into the bags and store them away. J

ü  Many of your guests will be glad that you considered adding one or more of these onto your event package.