Sack Race Games for up to 6 children – $25.00 (Children KEEP the Sacks!  Adult sacks remain behind.)

       Have more than six children?    Only add $3.50 per additional child.

Adult’s can play, using sacks that are only $2.50 each.

Please scroll down to read about your Advantages.

  Your advantages for adding our Sack Race Games…

ü  Kids the World over LOVE playing this game!


ü  It’s amusing watching everyone trying to figure out what it takes to keep the sack up while they’re hopping towards their goal.


ü  The children get to KEEP their sacks and can spend many hours playing with them long after your party event has come and gone.


ü  Adults can play as well! We have special sacks for the Adults to use!  Any adult wanting to event in the Sack Races can do so for only $1.50 per sack. Yes, the Adults can keep their sacks as well.   


ü  We supply the “rule-book” for those hot and contested photo finish results.


ü   We do the set up for you, complete with a Starting Line and a FINISH Line, staked into the ground.


ü  We do the take down for you. No fuss, No muss!


ü  You have the responsibility of dragging the parent’s back to the party after the games. Many just don’t want to quit playing.  ;( 


ü  Many of your guests will be glad that you considered adding one or more of these onto your event package.