Blue Point Stables, LLC

Blue Point Stables, LLC

677 Buck Creek Rd.

Kingston, TN, 37763-5219

Please feel free to contact us at anytime!

(865) 376-9312 – Barn

(865) 466-3609 Brandy McDonnell

If we’re unable to answer, PLEASE leave a message.

Just a small mention. Our regular “Barn” phone is on a wireless system. Occasionally, some of the messages that have been left for us, simply don’t get delivered immediately (of course, from time to time – this also holds true for our cell phones). We’ve even had incidences where the messages didn’t come into our answering system until sometime the next week. So, if we haven’t returned your call in a reasonably, timely manner, please give us another call. Unfortunately, we have no control with how messages tend to get stuck in “cyber-space” by the wireless systems. Your call is important to us. And, we will try to answer each one of you, just as quickly as we can.

Wanting the GPS Coordinates to our location?

35° 50′ 57.9228” N
84° 29′ 35.0916” W


Wanting the Latitude and Longitude to our location?

Latitude 35.849423          Longitude -84.493081