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Blue Point Stables, LLC is moving to a new site. After being located at our current location since July, 2013, we realized, some years ago, that we have simply out grown the current facility’s limited acreage and small arena. We are moving back to our previous facility at 675 Buck Creek Road, in Kingston TN 37763. The Buck Creek facility simply offers much more than we have currently. The Buck Creek facility will also be convenient to West Knoxville, Farragut, Oak Ridge and other surrounding areas, although it may be a little additional drive to some. Blue Point Stables, LLC will continue to offer many of the same programs and opportunities to all of our Horse Loving Clients. One of the nice things that the Buck Creek Facility offers is a larger Arena that is COVERED. (Smile Face Goes Here.) This will be a very nice change for all of our clients. It also is offering much more land. And, it has a much larger barn that has a wider (16′ wide), paved aisleway. The barn comes with a training room / lounge, office, shower for campers and rest room.


We have been making some improvements at the Buck Creek facility. However, we don’t know when we will be able to actually move our items. It seems that there is some sort of hold up with the out going stables. We were told that their lease was up at the end of the last day in July, and that the facility would be ours on August 1st.  Apparently, at the time of this posting, (8/16/2019)  they have yet to vacate the facility. We’re also told that the landlords are taking strides to correct this “hiccup”. Anyway, we will try to keep everyone posted as to when we will be moved and starting back with lessons.


We can not express enough thanks to all of our loyal friends and clients who are assisting us with the move of our Stables, Horses, Equipment and Home since August 1st. You Guys are GREAT!!!


Riding Lessons were suspended at the end of July. Lessons will resume after we have completed the move. We will send out a news letter when we get started back. Unfortunately, currently, we just don’t know what date that will be.


NOTE to the Blue Point Stables, LLC’s IEA Team… IEA Practices will continue at the regularly scheduled times. Currently, they will continue at the 2727 Town Creek Road location until otherwise notified. We will try to conduct these practices uninterrupted up to and after our move. We will notify the Team members when the practices move to the Buck Creek Location.


Again, to everyone… Thank You So Much.

Our new address will be…

Blue Point Stables, LLC

675 Buck Creek Road

Kingston, TN 37763


Our primary phone number of (865) 376-9312 remains the same. As always, if we’re unable to answer your call, please leave the message and we will try to get back to you just as soon as we are able. For those that you that like to text, email & correspond through other social media sites, Brandy & David still respond to their messages just as quickly as possible.


And, of course we encourage everyone to continue to contact us at