There is no letter “I” in TEAM!

We believe in providing the best care for the great horses we’re so grateful to spend time with at BPS. It’s also a vital part of our mission to provide the highest quality of service to the public that we serve. In order to achieve this level of care and service, BPS only utilizes reputable, dedicated, trained, and professional personnel that are truly committed to TEAMWORK!

Many people make up our team here at BPS:

  • Blue Point Stables’ Owner, CEO and Master Riding Instructor is Brandy McDonnell
  • Additionally, Blue Point Stables operates with the assistance of MANY excellent, horse loving volunteers and paid associates that are crucial to our operations. They do not work alone!
  • Everything we offer and do is possible because of our very valued boarding clients, training clients, lesson customers, dedicated horse campers, and other various constituents and supporters from a variety of arenas around the world.
  • We’re grateful for your support in spreading the word about BPS and its services. Although we run a variety of advertisements, nothing can compare to the power of “word-of-mouth”. BPS recognizes that it’s because of these efforts that many of these great and wonderful people have been brought to us. We appreciate you letting others know that we’re here.
  • Even our Friendly competition often sends business our way, as we try to reciprocate when it just simply seem to make more sense.
  • We, They, You are ALL part of what makes up the wonderful and courteous “TEAM” here at Blue Point Stables! A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to each and every one of you from a very grateful us!

CEO, Master Riding Instructor, Camp Director and Horse Trainer

Brandy McDonnell has been involved with horses for over 25 years. Her love of horses drove her to choose a career in the horse industry.

The early part of Brandy’s career was spent on the AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) She has shown countless horses, earning over 500 AQHA points, several World Champions and she has been awarded the coveted AQHA Professional Horseman Award for Tennessee, from both AQHA and the TQHA (Tennessee Quarter Horse Association).

Brandy is a C.H.A. certified Master Instructor. She can certify riders from the beginning level-1 up to the highest level-4 in either English or Western or both. Many of her clients are active in the certification program here at Blue Point Stables. For more information on C.H.A. (Certified Horsemanship Association) and to go the C.H.A. website, please click the logo to the right. 

Today, Brandy’s primary focus is on teaching, while still remaining actively involved with all other equine aspects and activities conducted at Blue Point Stables. 

Brandy has taught hundreds of riders safe equine practices. Her students are young and old alike, from beginners through advanced. 

Brandy loves the thrill of seeing a horse and rider come together as a team!.