Blue Point Stables, LLC 2019’s Camp

Dates, Tuition Rates, Registration and Policies

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Current and past clients of Blue Point Stables can receive a 5% discount off of regular, full price tuition! This discount only applies to the above posted Regular Rates and cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.

Brandy McDonnell      Camp Director, Blue Point Stables

For all of those wishing to fill out the camp forms and drop them by, or mail them into Blue Point Stables, please click the icons below for the proper paperwork. Please note, that all campers selecting one of our overnight options, either on a Wednesday night in a day camp or on a week-long Horselovers overnight camp, please also download the “Overnight Release and Waiver” in addition to our regular required Release & Waiver.


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Payment Terms

Tuition fees are payable by cash, check or Visa and, or Mastercard.

Deposit and Balance Payment Policies

All deposits are non-refundable.
All deposits should be made as early as possible in order to insure your reservation in the preferred camp of your choice.
Campers on our waiting list will be notified when their selected camp session becomes available. In 2018, ALL of the Buckaroo Day camps were completely booked full by sometime near the 1st Week in April. And, the Horselovers week long overnight camp only have a few positions available.  These camps fill up fast!

Balance Payment Policies

All outstanding balances are due and must be paid at drop off on the morning of the 1st Day of camp.
Otherwise, the camper will not be allow to continue and any deposits and payments are immediately non-refundable and are forfeited.

Office Charges and Clerical fees

Any and all additional clerical fees charged, in any circumstance, are NON refundable.
Clerical fees are charged on a per camper, per camp basis.
Clerical fees are charged whenever ANY change of camper registration or cancellation occurs.
Each office charge & clerical fee begins with a minimum of $45.00 for the 1st 30 minutes of of clerical work preformed. $25.00 is charged for each quarter hour thereafter. Other charges may be accessed and charged, depending on the client’s needs. 

Cancellation and Camp Transfer Policies

      Canceling – The camp’s paid deposit portions are non-refundable and are non-transferable to other campers. All other moneys paid in advance and in excess of the minimum deposit may be refunded.  There are some exceptions to this cancellation policy. If we are able to fill your camper’s space with another camper that may be on the waiting list; your deposit moneys and any additional payments will be refunded, MINUS a minimum $45.00 additional office and clerical fee charge. Otherwise, if we are not able to fill your campers space your deposit amount will be forfeited and NOT refunded.
      Switching to another camp session that is in the Same Season – There is a $45.00 minimum additional office and clerical fee charge to switch to another camp. Switching is only approved when a registration opening in the camp being transferred to is available. The $45.00 minimum additional office and clerical fee charge is a non-refundable charge.)
      Transferring to the following year – Exceptional circumstance must be approved by the BPS offices. When an exceptional circumstance is approved, all deposit and balance moneys paid PLUS an additional $45.00 office and clerical fee charge, may be applied to the next year’s session. The cost of the next year’s camp will be at the rate of the next years camp rates. An example of what is NOT an approved exceptional circumstance is when a camper or camper’s parents decide to do something else, go somewhere else or go to another camp somewhere else after they have secured a registration with a Blue Point Stables Camps. The following applies for those times when Exceptional Circumstances have been approved by the BPS Office. Exceptional circumstances include those times when a camper has a written Doctor’s Excuse showing that a camper isn’t currently able to participate in a camp. Camp registrations may be transferred to the following year ONLY once. A $45.00 additional office and clerical fee charge is charged, due and payable. This clerical charge will be added to the balance of the following year’s registration and becomes due and payable on the 1st day of camp for that year. In the ensuing year, a camper MUST re-register through the Blue Point Stables, LLC’s office immediately when the camp registrations become open.  This is usually in late November or early December.  The cancelled year’s camp’s deposit, plus a $45.00 additional office and clerical fee charge will be applied to the ensuing year’s camp. Waiting too long to register into the ensuing year, after registrations become open, may risk the previously cancelled camper not having a position in a camp to register, thereby causing a full forfeiting of the previous year’s deposits and other payments and charges. If a cancellations occurs the 2nd year, all deposits and payments are forfeited. PLUS, there is a second $45.00 additional office and clerical fee charge that is added to the 2nd year’s price and is due and payable.
      Trading Registrations Dates with another currently registered Camper – Both campers are charged a minimum $45.00 additional Office and Clerical Fee Charge to each of the camper trading camps and is non-refundable).
1st day of camp up to 1 week before camp starts, “Last minute”  switching to another camp session – If we are able to fill your camper’s space with another camper on waiting list you may switch camp sessions (for an additional $45.00 office and clerical fee charge) providing that an opening is available; otherwise; if we are not able to fill your campers position with another camper your deposit and payment moneys will be forfeited, should you elect to not attend the camp and pay the balance on the morning of the 1st day of camp.