Blue Point Stables, LLC

FAQs for Horse Riding Lessons


  How much do I need to know about horses and riding horses?

        > Nothing or Everything.

        > Blue Point Stables caters to the first time beginner as well as the seasoned professional.

        > We pride ourselves by assisting with your learning experience, no matter your level of expertise.


  Do I need to bring my own horse?

        > No. Blue Point Stables provides a nice selection of seasoned lesson horses.

        > Should you prefer to ride your own horse during your lesson, please contact us in advance.

                  * Blue Point Stables needs to have minimally, a copy of your current Coggins and Vaccinations.

                  * Your horse must be gentle and be able to interact well with all other horses in our herd and on our grounds.


  How old does a rider have to be to take a lesson at Blue Point Stables?

        > Riders must be at least seven (7) years old to take a lesson at Blue Point Stables.

        > Even then, there are times when we will recommend that the rider waits until they become a little older and more mature.


  Do you have a weight requirement or limit?

        > Yes. We have a maximum limit of 240 lbs.


  Is there any paperwork that must be filled out prior to taking a lesson?

        > Yes. You must fill out a liability waiver and release form before beginning your lessons.

        > Visitors, likewise are required to sign the same liability waiver and release form; even if they

           are only participating as a spectator.

        > Everyone on property must have completed our liability waiver and release form.

        > Minor children under the age of eighteen (18), MUST have the legal custodial parent or legal

           court ordered – custodial guardian sign the liability waiver and release form before participating.

        > Even if they are only spectating and not riding in a lesson, minor children under the age of

           eighteen (18), MUST have the legal custodial parent or court ordered – legal custodial guardian

           sign the liability waiver and release form.


  Can I bring a friend along to ride with me?

        > Certainly. The more the merrier.

        > However, your friend must first be pre-approved (by having already taken a 1st timer’s class or

           be authorized by Blue Point Stables, LLC’s management) and pre-scheduled to ride, usually

           when you have scheduled your next ride.

        > Minor children under the age of eighteen (18), MUST have the legal custodial parent or

           court ordered – legal custodial guardian sign the liability waiver and release form before participating.


 Does Blue Point Stables offer simply riding for fun or trail riding?.

   > No Sorry. There are other facilities and other businesses that offer horse riding for entertainment. Sorry we do not offer this to our clients. .


  Can I schedule a lesson and then pay for it on the day of my lesson?

        > No, sorry. All lessons and lesson packages MUST be paid for prior to us being able to put you

           onto the schedule.


What if I change my mind and decide that I don’t want to take lessons anymore. Can I get a refund?

          > No Sorry. We do not offer refunds for your pre-payment purchases.

           > Please, first know that you want to take lessons before paying for them. There are no refunds!

           > Everyone is extended the offer to first try us with the purchase of a single lesson and then decide if purchasing a lesson package is right for them!

           > All regularly priced purchases expire six months from date of purchase.

           > All lessons are a “use them or loose them” purchase!


  What happens if I’m just 5 minutes late for my lesson?

        > Being late will most likely cause you to forfeit your lesson for the day. Once the Instructor is has

           the group that far into the lesson and should you be just arriving; you will be charged for the lesson and the lesson will be forfeited.

        > In most instances, the Instructor is not able to leave the students in the arena and return to the stables to insure your safe efforts in preparing your horse for the lesson.

        > Additionally, it isn’t fair to expect the other clients, whom have also paid for their lessons to loose time in their lesson while waiting for others arriving late.

        > Blue Point Stables STRONGLY suggests that everyone arrive 15 to 20 minutes early so that they are always ready to go when their lesson begins.

If I miss a lesson and didn’t cancel 24 hours in advance, will I still be charged.

        > Yes, sorry. Blue Point Stables requires a 24 hour or earlier cancellation notice.

        > Otherwise, we have to charge for the lesson.


  What time does the lesson begin and end?

        > Most lesson appointments are 1 hour long.

        > Monday – Thursday lessons are scheduled for one hour with a 30 minute pause after each lesson.

        > Monday – Thursday PRIME TIME hours begin at 4:30 and are one hour long.

        > Fridays we do NOT conduct lessons.

        > Saturdays and Sundays, all lessons are scheduled the same as Monday through Thursday.

        > First Timer lessons are conducted sporadically. We work with the client to schedule a day and time.

        > Lesson clients will be scheduled into regular lesson days & hours after successful completion of their 1st Timer lesson.

        > At our discretion, we may determine that an experienced equestrian may not need to attend one of our 1st Timer lessons.


  When do lessons expire?

        > Regular priced lessons expire six (6) months from the date of purchase.

        > Blue-Sale & other Online Promotional lesson packages usually expire six (6) months from the date of purchase. Some promotional lessons and packages may have a different expiration date.

        > Use them – or – Loose them.

        > Currently, in some instances, portions of remaining packages can be transferred to camp balances Conditions Apply! Please contact Management for more details about this option.

  Do I have to have my own helmet?

        > Highly RECOMMENDED… due to COVID-19 and other concerns. , Blue Point Stables can provides some schooling helmets for our lesson clients. However the clients accept all liability incurred with the use .


  Do I have to wear a helmet?

        > Not if you’re over the age of eighteen (18). In other words, you MUST be nineteen (19) or older in order to not wear a helmet during normal walk, trot and canter. Although, Blue Point Stables highly encourages all riders to wear a helmet. Adults are required to wear a helmet on certain equestrian activities such as jumping and etc.

        > Do you have to wear a helmet? Yes, if you’re under the age of nineteen (19). This is a Blue Point Stables and Insurance safety requirement.


  Can I wear my own helmet if I own one?

        > Yes, provided that your helmet meets the current approved ASTM F1163 equine standards of the last five (5) years and has not been compromised.


  When I come for my lesson, what should I wear?

        > Boots or Shoes with a smooth sole and with a 1” (one inch) or better pronounced heal.

                  * NO open-toe shoes, i.e. sandals, flip-flops and etcetera.

                  * NO tennis shoes, sneakers or straight flat soles without a pronounced heal.

                  * NO hiking or farm type shoes or boots with a tread-type sole.

        > Long pants of some sort, to prevent chaffing.

                  * Blue Jeans are a high favorite, but any sturdy long pants will suffice.

                  * NO shorts or half-pants.

        > Comfortable and flexible outer garments appropriate for the weather.

                  * T-shirts are often worn throughout the warmer months.

                  * Layers for adding on or shedding off throughout the moderate months.

                  * Coats, scarves, gloves and often insulated underwear throughout the colder months.


  I prefer to ride in my English or Western attire. Is that acceptable?

        > Of course. Many of our riders are more comfortable riding with their saddle. You would need to first check with Miss Brandy to know if your saddle will fit and work well with our horses.


  How long are lessons?

        > Each lesson is scheduled for one hour long.

        > Each lesson includes…

                  * Safety considerations, * Grooming your equine, * Tacking up your equine

                  * The riding lesson on the equine, * Untacking your equine

                  * Treats for your equine and * Rescheduling your next lesson

        > All lessons are scheduled for one hour long.

        > Arriving 15 to 20 minutes early is a positive plus and helps for vehicles moving in and out of the parking lot.


 Can I just drop in and take a lesson?

        > No Sorry. Blue Point Stables conducts lessons by appointment only.


 Can I just drop in and watch a lesson?

 > No Sorry. You would have to have first scheduled an appointment.


    What days of the week does BPS conduct lessons?

          > Monday through Thursday.

        > Saturday and Sunday, when we’re not showing with our clients at a Horse Show or at another event..


  Do you conduct lessons all year round?

        > Yes, weather and climate permitting. 

        > Many of our clients take lessons in the middle of Winter as well as the middle of Summer.


  Have you ever refused to give a lesson or to provide service?

        > Yes. Blue Point Stables reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, at anytime, for any reason. 

        > Unfortunately everyone’s opinion is going to differ from time to time. If in our opinion; allowing a client to participate may not be in the safest or best interest of any one individual, the group or equines, we will (and have done so in the past) refuse service

         > Additionally, we would like to point out, that Blue Point Stables is a low-to-no drama facility.

            This is part of what makes our equestrian activities so much fun. If you have issues, this is not the facility for you. Persons creating unrest, controversy and or in general bearing the wrong and unacceptable attitudes, risk being immediately dropped from our program and will not be allowed back. We want everyone to enjoy themselves. So, we hope that everyone realizes that we enforce this policy. 


  Can I take back-to-back lessons or two or more in one day?

        > In most instances, NO, sorry. Back-to-back lessons have often proven to be counterproductive for our clients and our horses.

        > Generally, Blue Point Stables will only schedule one lesson per rider, per day.

        > Our Summer Camps and I.E.A. Team members are exceptions to this rule. Even then, the ride times are usually spaced apart, throughout the day.


  Will I be the only one in my lesson?

        > Not likely. Unless you’ve purchased a private or semi-private lesson, you will be scheduled with other riders. All of our “Group Lessons” must have at least two scheduled for the lesson, in order for the lesson to be conducted. Group lessons are generally capped at six riders  but, may have more depending on the judgement call by the Instructor. In most instances, we will try to cap the group lessons at six riders per lesson.

        > An exception to this would be if you’re taking a “First Timer’s” lesson (a lesson given to new clients without very much equine experience and knowledge). If we only have one client scheduled in a “First Timer’s” lesson, then we will conduct that lesson in order to move the client into regularly scheduled group lessons.


  Can I pick and choose the horse that I want to ride?

        > No, sorry. The instructor will assign a horse to you. It may not be the same horse that you are accustomed to, or prefer riding or even the one that you rode in your last lesson. These assignments occur for a variety of safety and educational reasons.

        > Your preferred horse may be needing a rest from other lessons.

        > Your preferred horse may be scheduled for a string of lessons later in the day.
        > Your preferred horse may be feeling a little “under-the-weather.”
        > Your preferred horse may be feeling his or her “oats” a little too much on the day of your lesson.
        > Your preferred horse may no longer offer enough challenge for your acquired riding skills.
        > Your preferred horse may be offering too much challenge for your acquired riding skills.
        > The Instructor may feel that you need to expand your riding skills by riding a different horse.


 Can I bring a family member or friend?

        > Yes. Blue Point Stables encourages everyone to bring family and friends to observe and take pictures.

        > All visitors MUST sign a waiver and release, just to be on property.

        > All visitors under 18 MUST have their legal parent or guardian sign the visitor wavier and release form..


  My Mom and Dad want to take a lesson also. Can they take a lesson using one of mine from my package ?

        > Yes, providing that either you are living with them or they are living with you. Lessons shared on a package MUST be between immediate family members that are living together under the same roof.


  I have a friend that really loves horses. Can they take a lesson on my package?

        > No, sorry. Lessons shared on a package MUST be between immediate family members that are living together under the same roof.


  Can I get hurt while taking a lesson?

        > Absolutely. It is very important and prudent for you to listen carefully to your instructor at all times, in order to avoid any mishaps. We conduct lessons for riding. Blue Point Stables is not a Fun-Park facility.

        > They are horses. And, ours are well trained and very well-mannered lesson horses. However, just like when riding a bicycle, accidents can and will occur if you’re not prepared for them; and sometimes even if you are prepared for them.


  Can I bring my pet? It’s really well behaved.

        > No sorry. Due to the nature of the horses, no client pets are allowed.


  What happens to my lesson when it rains or when there is otherwise severe inclement weather?

        > Call us first before deciding not to come for your lesson. Frequently, it may be raining at your location and we may still be conducting lessons because of favorable weather at our location.

        > Lessons that we call off due to weather, do NOT count against your lesson package.


  Can I bring a treat to give to my favorite horse?

        > Yes, in most circumstances.

        > Our sweet and dear lesson horses are spoiled each and every day by their loving and caring riders.

        >  We only ask that you first check with the Instructor to see if your treat will be one that is good for your preferred horse.

        >  (Hint) Not every horse likes the same type of treats.


  If I failed to cancel my lesson in time, does the lost lesson come off of my lesson package?

        > Yes! Your lesson package will be charged for all missed or late cancelled lessons.

        > Additionally, arriving five (5) or more minutes late will result in forfeiture of the lesson and the lesson

            will be counted off of your package.


  I love being at Blue Point Stables. If I move into a stall with my horse, can I stay there forever?

        > No, sorry. Most likely your family would miss you way too much.

        > Besides, moving into Blue Point Stables and living in a stall with your favorite horse would fall into a

           different package payment program. One, that most likely your parents couldn’t afford.

        > But don’t feel sad. You are not the first that has wanted to do this.